Project Collaborations

Our main mission statement is to engage with the welsh community at a national and regional level, to understand the modern welsh landscape and it’social and political attitude, and with this research and community knowledge to share our expertise through social science. We have a number of research, educational and public engagement working partnerships to enhance community knowledge of the behavior and ecology of such species and spread the word about the potential of a reintroduction programme for either or both species to Wales.


Project Partners


Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation

Roy Dennis MBE

The ERW project at Cardiff University are collating scientific-based evidence for Wales, following the guidance and expertise of Roy Dennis. Roy has years of experience with reintroducing eagles and other birds of prey nationally and internationally. Roy has worked with Sophie for over four years on other projects. His work is honored in Britain and we are privileged to have such a working affiliation.


Wildlife Trust Wales (WTW)

James Byrne & Rachel Sharp

The Wildlife Trust are our company partner supporting the project at Cardiff University. WTW are assisting the project through offering ecological expertise and liaisons with key contacts in statutory conservation agencies and governing bodies. Our long term goals for the ERW Project align with the conservation goals of the Wildlife Trust and many National Parks in Wales. We are also working with the Welsh Beaver project team lead by WtW.


Research Partners


Hawk Conservancy Trust

Dr. Campbell Murn & Dr Matt Stephens

The ERW team are working with the Hawk Conservancy Trust increasing efforts for surveying raptor species in Wales. Dr. Matt Stephens has created a distance sampling method to assess the ‘True’ regional population size of raptor populations. We are using this method to increase efforts across Wales to records our raptor species, alongside 8 counties currently using this method in South England.


Education & Public Engagement Partners


Falconry Experience Wales

Barry Mcdonald & Luce Green

Falconry Experience Wales is based on the borders of Mid and North Wales. Falconry Experience Wales is located in a mountainous wilderness working on educating the public on the behavior and ecology of Eagles and working with the community to monitor public attitude towards wildlife and birds of prey.


British Birds of Prey Center

Emma Hill & Team

The British Birds of Prey Center is located at the Welsh Botanical Gardens, in Pembrokshire. Not only with a full collection of British birds of prey to educate the public, the British Birds of Prey Center has daily flying displays and conservation talks. They are out biggest education partnership.


Meet the Eagles - ERW Ambassador Team



Atlantis is a White-tailed eagle and is part of the team at the British Birds of Prey Center in Pembrokshire. Atlantis is our oldest team ambassador, she is a whopping 28 years of age.



Midas is a Golden eagle and is part of the team at the British Birds of Prey Center in Pembrokshire. He is our only Golden Eagle ambassador for his species in Wales.


Mr Mac

Mr Mac is a White-tailed Eagle and is part of the Falconry Experience Wales team. He is our youngest team ambassador and appears much smaller than our two ladies.