The Eagle Reintroduction Wales (ERW) project..

Is looking into the feasibility of bringing our lost eagle species back to soaring the skies of modern Wales. While welsh culture is shaped by leeks, daffodils and dragons, eagles are also part of our welsh heritage, biodiversity and culture …. but our skies remain bare of regular sightings of the Golden eagle (Eryr euriad) and White-tailed eagle (Eryr y mor), despite an abundance of suitable habitat for both here.

Both species have been extinct as a breeding species for over 150 years. The welsh landscape has changed significantly since both species of eagle last bred here. This research project, led by Sophie-lee Williams at Cardiff University, in partner with the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation and Wildlife Trust Wales (WTW) are gathering scientific evidence and collating a research case-to present to statuary conservation agencies to get the ball rolling with a potential reintroduction programme for either or both species.