Report Raptor Sightings

The ERW project are looking for community volunteers to help record sightings of birds of prey across Wales. Many of our raptor populations in Wales have no systematic monitoring schemes like England and Scotland. This can mainly be attributed to the closure of our Welsh Raptor Study Group in 2013.

As part of the IUCN Reintroduction Guidelines, as both species of eagles are absent from the Welsh landscape, we need to focus on how our current birds of prey are using the landscape. The more records we have, a better picture of the health, distribution, land use avoidance and preference trends we can create for raptors in Wales. More importantly, monitoring the distribution of our current meso-predators will give us insight into areas of Wales that are suitable/available for both the Golden and White-tailed Eagle.


Report your sightings

Report your sightings by using the submissions form. Please, record the species you observed, the date of the observation and the location as accurately as possible.

To report accurate locations, you can use the UK Grid Reference Finder:

We will except location data in the following formats:

  1. Grid reference (10 figure); e.g. SO 01300 01354

  2. X (easting)/ Y (northing); e.g. 301300, 201354

  3. Latitude / Longitude; e.g. 51.702222, -3.429657

AS an alternative, or if you have a list of sightings you want to report, please email us at:

* Your personal details will not be shared. We use this information for analysis of the survey efforts in each county.

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Do you Know Your Raptor Species?

Do you know your raptor species and are a member of a Welsh Ornithological group? We have just the opportunity for you. As part of our plans to increase raptor recording in Wales, and our survey efforts of recording raptor species across Dyfed and Gwynedd, we are recruiting volunteers to work with us and the Hawk Conservancy Trust surveying for raptors in your region of Wales.

The work will involve walking a number of random transects in a variety of rugged Welsh habitat in your spare time, recording all raptor species observed, focusing on the three most obvious species across the UK - the Buzzard, Red Kite and Kestrel. Ideally transects are normally preformed during two periods each year: Spring - 15th Feb until 15th May, and Autumn - 1st Sep until Dec 31st)

To preform this survey work the equipment you will need is as follows:

  1. GPS unit

  2. Laser range finder

  3. Compass

All of these items will be loaned to you for the duration of your participation. Would you be interested in getting involved, please get in touch via email -