Sophie-lee Williams

Co-Director/Project researcher

Sophie-lee is a raptor biologist that has over 10 years experience working with wild, wild-injured and rehabilitated owls and raptors. Her ambition is to dedicate her research career to restoring welsh biodiversity and habitat.


Dr Rob Thomas

Project adviser - Cardiff University

Rob’s research group studies animal behavior in changing environments. His research group covers a wide range of topics ranging from long-term climate changes, through to seasonal and daily behavioral trends, dietary wariness and foraging trends and impacts of human activities on wild animals. Rob’s research is very fitting to cover many biological and environmental IUCN reintroduction guidelines we need to follow.


Dr Sarah Perkins

Project Adviser - Cardiff University

While Sarah’s research group is primarily known for their work with disease and parasite dynamics. Sarah has also worked with data collection for reintroduction programmes in the past and is extremely snazzy with her citizen science work. An important element to reintroduce eagles back to Wales.


Sam Langdon

Masters Student - White-tailed Eagles

Sam is a passionate wild-space fieldworker enrolled in the Integrated Bioscience Masters programme at Cardiff University. Sam’s work involves surveys across Dyfed, surveying habitat, land use and raptors species within this region. Sam’s work involves regional assessments to assess all suitable habitat for White-tailed eagles in the county Dyfed.


Zoe Jones

Masters Student - Golden Eagles

Zoe’s a keen scientific researcher enrolled in the Bioscience research masters (MRes) at Cardiff University. Zoe’s work involves biodiversity surveys in Gwynedd, monitor the distribution and abundance of raptors species in this region. Zoe’s work also involved regional land use assessments in Gwynedd to map out suitable habitat for Golden Eagles.