Our Research So Far

The Eagle Reintroduction Wales project was established at Cardiff University in July 2017 - over the last year we have hit the ground running with ground breaking research. With most of our research we are working with a blank canvas, as no research assessments have been conducted for eagles in Wales, apart from a commissioned report published by the Countryside Council for Wales back in 2005.

The History of Eagles in Wales - 2017-2018:

The history of eagles in Wales has always been a mystery for many ornithologist, despite a number of UK researchers attempting to map the UK historic distribution. We found that previous English and Scottish researchers who collated evidence to map the historic distribution of eagles in Britain had 25 common welsh eagle records. We also predicted, from our research that the lack of welsh eagle records recorded previously was probably attributed to the lack of understanding of the Welsh language. We started with 25 historic eagle records, which was not enough to feed into a reintroduction programme. With the hard work of gathering data, modelling and mapping we now have 166 eagle records with evidence of eagles being present in every county across Wales. Which has put us at a good starting point, as stated by the IUCN guidelines we are not able to reintroduce any species outside of their indigenous range.